‘The Bachelorette’ castoff Bryden Vukasin: Clearly doing just fine post-Desiree Hartsock

BrydenJust in case you were wondering whether or not Bryden Vukasin was spending his days after “The Bachelorette” sitting around, alone and sad, with his dog at his side, here’s a message for you: He’s not. As a matter of fact, he seems to be only single right now because he’s busy living it up and enjoying the life.

We don’t know why the photo below should surprise you, mostly because this seems to be a symptom of what happens to almost every guy who goes on “The Bachelorette.” You’re on the show, people start to know who you are, and the hyper-sensitive nature of the show initiates countless “awws” from the ladies (unless you’re Brian … or James … or Ben) whenever you say anything.

BrydenAnd now, we bring you to this: A photo of Bryden living it up with some girls at the Miss USA event in Las Vegas. The Iraq veteran posted the photo on his Twitter account, and while it may be kind of jarring, it’s at least not like he’s partying in a hotel room full of barely-clothed women. As far as scandalous photos go, it’s barely on the list at all. Plus, the guy filmed his exit with Desiree Hartsock, who he clearly was just not that into, months ago. Time has passed for him and for her, even though things feel much more recent on this end.

The real moral of this story is simple: Even if you lose this show, you’re probably still going to think somehow that you’ve won, regardless of what everyone else thinks. Enjoy your few weeks here, Bryden, given that someone will try to eat you alive during the “Men Tell All” special.

What’s your take on Bryden enjoying himself with some beauty-pageant contestants: Do you like it, or is this the annoying sort of post-“Bachelorette” gallivanting you’ve grown far too used to over the years? Bryden actually does make his case pretty clear here as to why he left Desiree in Munich, so take a listen and then judge for yourself.

Photo: CBS, Twitter / Bryden Vukasin

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