‘Bunheads’ season 2 debate still happening, just in case you’re still frustrated

BunheadsIt has been a few weeks now since ABC Family started their supposed test when it comes to their new series, which is supposed to be the basis in which they figure out whether or not they want to renew the cult hit “Bunheads.” While the overall viewership isn’t huge, the people that watch it love it … and they are still waiting on a decision.

For now, even the stars are once again reaffirming that they are in the dark. Julia Goldani Telles tweeted yesterday that the cast still knows nothing when it comes to the show, while former “So You Think You Can Dance” star Kent Boyd (Who plays Jordan on the show) did his best to rally the fans by also referencing the show’s Twitter account. On that subject, can we all agree that this qualifies as the worst use ever for a TV show’s Twitter? Rather than actually updating us on the future of the show, what we are seeing instead can be effectively described as salt in the wound: The network promoting other shows rather than talking about “Bunheads” on the account, when the fans know full well that these shows could keep it from coming back.

The sad news is that the longer it goes without an announcement, the worse things look for this show and, to a lesser extent, “The Lying Game.” We did want to do some research here by the numbers, comparing “The Fosters” and “Twisted” to not just the show’s numbers in the spring, but to what “Bunheads” was doing around this time last year. It’s clear that these shows do better in the summer, when kids are out of school and there is less competition. So here we go:

-The “Bunheads” episode around this time last year drew a 0.6 rating in the 18-49 demographic and close to 1.4 million viewers, whereas in February it posted a 0.4 rating and just under a million viewers.

-“The Fosters” yesterday (per TVbythenumbers) had a 0.6 rating and almost 1.9 million viewers.

-“Twisted” scored a 0.7 rating and 1.8 million viewers last night, though to be fair, it aired after “Pretty Little Liars” (the network’s #1 show).

We don’t have other demo figures, but if the network is using 18-49 as a template, there really aren’t too many differences in here from one summer to the next. However, there’s also not a benefit to keeping “Bunheads” save for fan support, since the other shows may or may not fare better in the winter, and have more viewers now than “Bunheads” did. We wish we had better news to report here.

The last thing the show can really hope for is a long-shot Emmy nomination. ABC Family doesn’t have much acclaim in this department, and Sutton Foster scoring some love could make something happen. We’ll keep you posted as always.

Photo: ABC Family

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