‘The Bachelorette’: Ben Scott, Michael Garofola reflect on Desiree Hartsock date

Michael G.Last night on “The Bachelorette,” we had a chance to bear witness to what may very well be one of the most awkward and uncomfortable dates in the history of the show. Why? Ben Scott and Michael Garofola spent so much time battling each other that Desiree Hartsock almost became an afterthought.

We do have some interesting theories on this entire fiasco, at least from the perspective of Michael. Our #1 pick? That he likely realized that he wasn’t a favorite of Desiree’s given that he was on the two on one date to begin with, so he opted instead to try and throw Ben under the bus. It worked, and he is now to some a national hero for getting the most controversial contestant out of the way this season.

In case you were wondering whether or not Michael’s feelings have changed about Ben during the show airing, all you have to do is see this tweet to find out:

“I guess people decided to get up to use the restroom and make popcorn during that limo exit interview. #truecolors #BenLaden #bachelorette”

Yes, Michael did just compare Ben to a man responsible for 9/11. That happened. As for Ben, he expressed gratitude for the experience, and explained that if he was talking about his bar so much, why didn’t it make the show? (Maybe because you talked about it off-camera? We don’t know.) Anyhow, he at least took the high road, and offered up some sort of apology for his post-eviction meltdown:

“I am not proud of my language and I apologize, sometimes people say things out of real hurt! Only thing I regret on the show #sorrymom”

After seeing their responses and watching the show, whose side are you ultimately on? Be sure to share your thoughts below! Also, check out the link here if you want to see who Sean Lowe wants to see as the next “Bachelor.”

Photo: ABC

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