‘The Bachelorette’ review: Did Bryden Vukasic, Ben Scott turn Munich into mayhem?

Desiree HartsockOn this week’s edition of “The Bachelorette,” it was the battle of the ridiculous. What man could be made to look worse by the editors and producers … or did any of the guys really top them all by playing their d-bag card so blatantly that there is nothing that producers could do to make them look good?

We will start here by saying that there are still some legitimate contenders. Brooks Forester and Chris Siegfried each seem to have huge edges on everyone else, and while Zak Waddell has made some moves, part of us still imagines him as the goofy guy who likes to not wear clothes. As for the “bad” guys, we have quite a few of them this week in some shape or form.

Bryden Vukasic – We don’t buy for one second that he actually wanted to go and end things with Desiree while she was out on her date with another guy. It was a moment that the producers wanted to make a big deal out of, and of course he looked bad for interrupting this date. Save for that, though, there’s no real evidence in here that he is a bad guy. He could have pretended and lasted another week or two had he wanted to, so hats off for actually leaving now if you knew that it wasn’t for you.

Ben Scott – The one uber-icky comment that he made was after being sent home on the two-on-one date, where he suggested that the producers were screwed when it comes to candidates for “The Bachelor.” He may be right when it comes to that, since the ratings are down this season … but he wasn’t a good guy, either! Ben’s not exactly Mr. Moral Integrity, but he probably is not as horrible a human being as this show is making him out to be. He’s just an overly cocky dude who was acting a certain way on TV to not look bad. But did he really merit someone saying that they metaphorically wanted to go “murder” him? Eh…

James Case – We totally buy that James acted like he owns the city of Chicago in a van, mostly because the van is the staple for all reality TV bickering and random conversation. (Trust us, we know from experience.) With that being said, this guy (who is basically Ronnie from “Jersey Shore’s” alter ego) is series fuel for a d-bag fire: Anyone who acts like the “own” a city is proof of that. He would have been called out tonight were it not for Desiree choosing to not have a Rose Ceremony.

Michael Garofola – He tried to do the right thing in calling out Ben, but probably went a little crazy in doing so. Then again, he is still there, just like James and almost all the other guys.

The only man not mentioned here who is not around moving forward? Mikey Tenereilli, who was up against James at the end. What? Yep, Desiree had to be onto something in order to call James’ name last.

Do you think Desiree should do a happy-dance over getting rid of Ben? If you want to see where we ranked some of her contenders going into this, you can do so over here.

Photo: ABC

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