ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 3: Bellamy Young reflects, talks Michelle Obama inspiration

MellieIn just a few short weeks, “Scandal” season 3 will start to really be upon us from a production standpoint, and maybe at that point we will start to get a little bit of a better sense of just what the road ahead is going to be like for Olivia Pope and company. We are sure at the moment that it will be a complicated one, based largely on the fact that the secret is now out about who she has been sleeping with.

But was it the First Lady in Mellie who leaked the news? She has to be one of the suspects, but there are also a number of other possibilities here given the people who could have been privy to this information. Bellamy Young herself is staying mum on the subject, though she is a bit more keen to talk about the role itself. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, she described some of the similarities that are present between her character and a real-life First Lady in Michelle Obama that she used as inspiration:

“I wouldn’t give myself the compliment that I’m doing a Michelle Obama impression; it’s more the way she comports herself, her sense of decorum, the way she balances relatability and protocol. There’s a lot of protocol in the position, but to get your agenda forward you have to also seem very human and she is a master at that. I’ll watch her on Dr. Oz or when she’s making a speech at the convention. It’s a thrill to do that kind of homework because she’s so magical.”

Thanks to Fitz’s continued efforts to stick with Mellie, even when he doesn’t want to, Young remains a key part in the show. Is there an expiration date to this character? Maybe as the President’s wife, but you have to think that she would still be around to cause problems regardless.

What do you want to see unfold next for the Mellie character? If you want to see some more news related to one of the show’s other stars, our advice is to visit the link here.

Photo: ABC

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