‘The Bachelorette’: James Case refreshingly honest about experience, dating

JamesWe know it’s possible that “The Bachelorette” makes James Case out to be a complete and total jerk on Monday night’s new episode (with the guys speculating that he just wants to be the next “Bachelor”), but we have to give the guy at least a little bit of respect for doing something outside of giving canned answers today. James was the recipient of the show’s weekly conference call, and he actually was honest in saying that most people go on the show for more than to find love, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

There are always questions about why any guy / girl would choose to go on this show when there are so many other options involving dating that do not have the possibility of mass humiliation attached to them, and James laid out that his situation was a combination of wanting the experience that comes with being on the show, to being in a situation where it is hard to find love:

“I’m living in a new city. It’s hard to find a woman to date here. It’s been difficult for me with work. I just felt like it was a great opportunity. There’s multiple reasons why I chose to go on the show … [I went for] the whole experience, if somebody tells you it’s just for love, they have to be crazy … I got to travel the world [and] I got to do a lot of things, I got to do things people aren’t able to do and I took advantage of that. It was amazing.”

As for the drama that unfolds next week, James said that he hopes people judge him for his “merits” and what they have seen of him on the show thus far, and not just quotes from the other guys. We’re not accusing James of this, but there is something that we have long been curious about: Are there ever contestants on this show that know they are not the one, but stick around in hopes of just making sure they bow out gracefully and try to enjoy the rest of the experience as much as they can?

If you want to take a full look at everything unfolding on Monday, just be sure to watch the promo over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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