‘Big Brother 15’ houseguest spotlight: Kaitlin Barnaby

KaitlinSome contestants on “Big Brother 15” are easier to figure out than others. When it comes to Kaitlin Barnaby, we have someone who is a little bit more enigmatic. She is someone to us who could go home the first or second week, or could last until near the end of the game. There’s not going to be much in the way of middle ground here in our eyes, since she has a strategy that could either pay off or fail miserably.

After reading our analysis below and watching her CBS video with Jeff Schroeder, we want to hear some of what you think! So vote in the poll, and share your thoughts below. Also, check out the latest “Big Brother” stories in the sidebar to the right, and also catch our exclusive chat with Rachel Reilly, where she talks about her sister being a part of the cast.

Name – Kaitlin Barnaby

Age – 23

Location – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Job – Bartender

Personality traits – Social, plotting, and somewhat flirtatious. In her interview with Jeff, she comes across as the sort of person who sounds like a great houseguest that could stir things up and cause trouble. Unfortunately, you have to remember that not everyone actually does what they advertise beforehand in the game. We don’t like that she says she is “closed off,” since that screams “possible floater.”

Strengths – She’s reasonably athletic, knows how to deal with a variety of people, and should know the difference between subtle game-play and being obnoxious.

Weaknesses – Any time that you are willing to lead guys on, you run the risk of getting in trouble. Plus, there is also a certain scorn that comes at times with being a bartender on reality shows, almost like it’s a bona fide sign you are there for fame only. A certain class of game-player could target that.

Early prediction – We want to say that Kaitlin will go far, since we do like that she’s not looking to just be a big character and put herself in a position where she could be in trouble. We just don’t feel like she understands the game well enough, and is not going to make the connections she needs early on. She could be first out, but we see her more likely being a few weeks later, since she’s not really that threatening.

What do you think of Kaitlin and do you think she could be a threat in the game? Leave us a comment and tell us your thoughts.

Photo: CBS


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