Chris Hardwick’s Comedy Central series to be titled ‘@Midnight’

Comedy CentralFor those of you fans desperate to find out more news on what Chris Hardwick has planned for his upcoming Comedy Central show, we now have a few answers for you. Commence nerding out now!

The show is going to be titled “@Midnight,” which should be a very important clue to most of you that social media is going to be very much involved. (Let’s hope that Twitter does not go the way of the dodo anytime soon, since this show is otherwise in trouble.) While the network has not released many details about the show yet, Hardwick’s announcement about an upcoming test show suggests that this will be some sort of “rapid-fire game show” that riffs on all sorts of social-media craziness.

While we worry almost constantly that this man is going to be stretched so thin that our beloved podcast will suffer, he continues to find a way to do it all. Hardwick also hosts “The Talking Dead,” does frequent panel discussions, runs an internet empire, and does stand-up on the weekends.

As for the reason  Comedy Central should be excited, Hardwick provides them with a chance to have more consistency following “The Colbert Report,” and take advantage of a hole in the schedule that has been there since Jimmy Kimmel moved up half an hour. Not everyone likes the interview portions of late-night shows, and this gives an opportunity for some of those folks to see something different at midnight. Plus, there’s the chance of viewer carryover, which is always nice.

What do you think about the show’s title, and are you excited to see something different than the billion other things that Hardwick does on a regular basis? If you want to check out the initial announcement for the show, all you have to do is click here. “@Midnight” will premiere later this year.

Photo: Comedy Central

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