‘MasterChef’ USA season 4 review: Not even ‘Glee’ can cheer up Joe

MasterChefThis week on “MasterChef,” there were a pair of interesting events that we’re not sure we have seen on the show before. First, we had Joe Bastianich putting a complete and total finishing move on an argumentative and at-times delusional Howard, and the other surprise was seeing a pretty good cook getting sent home after dominating the previous challenge in terms of votes from the “Glee” cast, thanks to one simple mistake.

We want to focus on the latter, mostly because we’re not sure that Bime Cruz will ever be able to look at tartar ever again. The saddest part of seeing him leave was that it happened over a pressure test related to lemon meringue pie (without the lemon). We hated to see the smug and self-satisfied look on Krissi’s face here for a couple of reasons:

1. It makes things too predictable; we don’t hate Krissi (we thank her for keeping things entertaining), but we much prefer it when the target does not get sent home, and then laughs in the other chefs’ faces.

2. Krissie’s total chicken move in not wanting to compete in the challenge, though she reamed Jordan out for giving himself safety weeks ago. We understand her wanting to be safe, but she should have been quiet weeks ago.

The “Glee” challenge was actually pretty fun, mostly because the actors present (especially Jane Lynch) seemed to be somewhat game for anything. However, nothing could feel quite as anti-“Glee” as watching what transpired between Joe and Howard. What a terrible way to go out. Sure, you got to speak your mind, but you also drastically hurt your chances in a career you want to get into.

Do you think that the right two people went home on “MasterChef” tonight? If you want to read our interview with Kathy from last week, our suggestion to you is to visit the story over at the link here.

Photo: Fox

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