‘Royal Pains’ season 5, episode 2 review: A moment for Divya, Dr. Sacani

Royal PainsWhat we saw with Wednesday night’s “Royal Pains” episode was a case of both good and bad news, and some stories ending while others began.

Let’s start with the good news when it comes to HankMed. Thanks to the magic of Paige and a well-designed social gathering, it appears almost as though Hank and Evan’s company is safe for Blythe and all of her community rules. Most of the other attendees at the party were impressed by how he saved a patient on the fly, and voted to keep the place open given how it was not serving as much of an interruption at all to their day-to-day lives.

That’s the great news for HankMed. We also have scary news, and we’re not talking about Evan thinking Shadow Pond is haunted (mostly because this whole Dimitri / Boris storyline does not even remotely interest us). Instead, we’re talking about the hospital’s interest in having its own concierge medicine wing, and their interest in acquiring HankMed to fit the bill. If they say no, there runs a risk of the hospital hiring someone else to do the job. While for now the hospital claims that they are in fact the good guys, we’re understandably skeptical. Wouldn’t you also be if you were in this situation? We feel like the answer is “yes.”

The other major revelation that came out of here this week was the opportunity to see Divya and Dr. Sacani finally on speaking terms, though only thanks to them being shipped to Savannah together to check out the hospital. Divya is surprised by her pregnancy given that this is something that she never expected to have, and it’s still not guaranteed to even make it all the way to term.

What did you think about this week’s “Royal Pains” episode, and do you think we could see some great stuff coming up with Dr. Sacani and Divya? If you want to read some more “Royal Pains” news, you can do so over here.

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