Watch Brad Pitt, Jimmy Fallon yodel compliments (video)

Late Night with Jimmy FallonIf anyone wants any further evidence that Brad Pitt is something more than just an egocentric celebrity who is afraid to have a little bit of fun, just check out the video below. Pitt was a guest on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” this week in an effort to promote his new movie “World War Z,” and he had no problem having a little bit of fun while pushing his new film.

The major focus of the video is a “conversation” that happens between the late-night host and the actor, and tit is done via yodeling. Who knew that Brad could yodel? We did know previously that the guy was a good singer, and this is just an extension of that art form that does require at least a little bit of preparation in order to pull off. For those wondering how exactly this sketch really plays into the movie, there is also a well-placed line in here that probably serves as the perfect means for cross-promotion.

This video does once again prove why NBC is willing to take the gamble and give Fallon the hosting gig for “The Tonight Show” starting early next year. He understands that the internet is important as a means to promote the show, and with all of the money that goes into these skits, we’re sure that the network appreciates all of the additional traffic that the comic pulls in online.

Do you think that Brad should now try out for “The Voice” season 5 with that singing voice? If you want to see some more hilarious highlights from Fallon’s show this week, including one that revolves almost entirely around the Xbox One, all you have to do is click here.

Photo: NBC

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