‘Mad Men’ season 6 finale spoilers: A more systematic Pete Campbell?

PeteAre we going to see a different side of Pete Campbell on Sunday night’s “Mad Men” finale? Well, the best answer to that would be to define “different side.” You are going to see the character not try as hard when it comes to pushing Bob Benson out the door, mostly because he has realized already that such a strategy really does not work. (See: The Don Draper situation.)

However, it may be foolish to sit here and assume that Pete is going to simply give up in his quest to take one of SC&P’s most ambitious new employees and throw them in the garbage. Speaking to TV Guide about the future, all the master of cryptic teases in Vincent Kartheiser himself had the following to say: “This time [he’s] going to go slower.”

Slower is definitely a good thing when it comes to handling Bob, but the problem here is that there only is one episode left. That’s not exactly a lot of time to deal with any story, and the other issue here is that James Wolk is a regular on the CBS comedy “The Crazy Ones.” While he may have a little bit of time to cross over, he surely won’t have as much as he did during season 6.

What do you think: Do you expect Pete to try and make a big move against Bob in the finale, or do you think that he actually meant what he said in this past episode? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below! If you want to check out (and potentially frustrated yourself with) a new promo for Sunday’s epic season-ender, our advice is that you do head on over to the link here.

Photo: AMC

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