‘Big Brother 15’ spoilers: The ‘MVP’ unveiled as newest twist (video)

Big BrotherFirst, there was the inclusion of nominations and evictions made by the contestants in the game; then, there was the Power of Veto, the coup d’etat, and the have/ have-not competition. Could the Big Brother MVP be the latest twist to change the game forever? The majority of the twists that we lsited (with one exception) are permanent parts of the game now, so while there have been many failed twists (see the saboteur or the duos in season 13), there have been many that have radically shifted the way in which the show is produced.

Here is what we can tell you about the MVP for now: Tomorrow, you will get the opportunity to meet all of the members of the “Big Brother 15 cast, and begin voting on who you want to have the power this week. This person will then be able to do something pretty significant in the game, but the what is being kept under a lid.

The following information is pretty much confirmed at this point.

1. There were no nomination chairs in the house when it was shown off.

2. Julie Chen has suggested that America will have more power than ever before in making big decisions.

3. There will be plenty of opportunities to try this twist out with 16 people.

Remember, “Big Brother” is also a long season this year. If the show realizes that the twist is bombing, they can always abandon ship and go find a few chairs to put in the living room. There’s no guarantee that anything lasts forever in this game. (After all, it took the coaches all of about two seconds to realize that they could come back into the game.)

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Photo: CBS

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