NBC’s ‘The Voice’ finale: iTunes suggests Michelle Chamuel, Danielle Bradbery close

The VoiceIt is always difficult to judge who stays and who goes on “The Voice” based solely on iTunes sales; however, it was pretty apparent last week that both the Swon Brothers and Danielle Bradbery would be sitting where they were now with Michelle Chamuel being the one that we weren’t sure about.

Unfortunately, this week there’s really not too much to go on when it comes to sales. Michelle, Danielle, and the Swon Brothers currently each have two songs in the top ten on iTunes, meaning that the multipliers come pretty close to leveling off. (Update: We’re actually hearing now that the multipliers are not in play this time.) In the end, we would give the edge to Danielle since her “Born to Fly” is ranked a spot above Michelle’s “Why,” and because her duet with Blake Shelton is only a spot or two out of the top ten. However, it’s not so big of a lead that the other voting methods will have no impact.

Now, there is one other thing to remember here: The power of Bieber. Back during season 1, there was some controversy that Javier Colon won largely because Justin Bieber pushed for Adam Levine’s team member on Twitter. Did that happen this time? While the teen singer did retweet a message from Usher telling people to vote and buy Michelle’s song, it was not as aggressive. Plus, you could argue that outside of his loyal fans, Bieber’s influence may not be the same now that it was a year or two ago.

In looking at all of the evidence, we’re still saying that Danielle wins, and it may not really be that close. The producers clearly knew what they were doing when they not only gave her the last spot, but also two of the last three competitive performances: They wanted to make sure the likely winner was featured often. We know that Team Blake Shelton’s domination is frustrating, and even though we’re pulling for Michelle, Danielle will be very good in the music industry. She’s young, a great singer, and has a very clear voice. She can work more on her stage presence, and in a couple years could really be a big player in country music.

Who do you think will win, and is there someone that you are rooting for? If you want to check out our full review for this past edition of the show, our advice is to pay a visit over to the link here.

Photo: NBC

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