Jimmy Fallon celebrates Video Game Week with Xbox One; Howard Stern hates it

Late Night with Jimmy FallonThere’s always something that we find enjoyable about watching Jimmy Fallon geek out during Video Game Week, but there’s also something a little frustrating about it, given that we don’t always feel like our future host of “The Tonight Show” is particularly keen to ask real questions during some of his interviews.

Case in point? To kick off the event this week, he demonstrated the Xbox One with Microsoft on his show Monday night, and while it is very much enjoyable watching Fallon play “Killer Instinct” and drive through the beautiful streets of Prague on “Forza Motorsport,” it somehow never came up during the interview that Fallon’s Xbox needs to be connected to the internet once every 24 hours, or that it’s used-game restrictions are more confusing than trying to understand who thought the ending for “Mass Effect 3” was a good idea.

We know that these interviews are basically just long advertisements, and that Jimmy will be just as nice to PlayStation 4 and Wii U a little later in the week. We probably just have some pent-up nerd rage from last week’s E3, when we personally believe that Sony went all Mortal Kombat on Microsoft, and easily won what is sure to be the first of many battles of public opinion.

What really makes this entire segment for us is watching Howard Stern act like a giant curmudgeon about the whole idea of video games, complaining about “Call of Duty” and also demanding that The Roots talk more to him.

What do you think about these videos, and about Howard’s bizarre (but kind-of hilarious) response to all of this? If you want to see what happens with Fallon and a “frog lawn mower,” all you have to do is click here.

Photo: NBC

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