‘Veep’ season 2, episode 9 review: Selina Meyer shatters some glass

VeepWhat’s worse than Selina Meyer getting herself covered with tiny shards of glass? How about the idea of her not being Vice-President for any longer than two more years?

We officially called it in our “Veep” preview article on Saturday that there was pretty much no way that the Vice-President was going to stay in America’s good graces for that long despite an interview where she gained great public favor (albeit thanks to a pretty hefty lie). Well, that stopped moments after she walked through glass this week, when much of her team started to realize that her administration is a sinking ship. Dan and Amy are already trying to line up jobs working alongside Governor Chung, and everyone else is merely hanging on for dear life.

Much of the hilarity within this episode came through Selina being so drugged-up after the glass incident that she didn’t quite realize what was going on. Instead, she was busy making promises to buy Mike’s boat, and actually go to Gary’s parents’ anniversary party. (It’s funny that we learned much more about Gary in these two minutes that we have through out this whole series.) It was therefore almost perfect that the moment that she suddenly had the most clarity was typically when someone would be exhausted, after completing the run that she had designed for her Let’s Move initiative. She knew that the President was just going to use her as a fall guy if an impeachment hearing happens, and that is where she made her decision: Rather than stand alongside a man that she hates, she would instead not seek re-election, and come back in four years.

Will she stick to that plan? Luckily, we’re going to find out within a week (though we wish it was sooner, given how much this show has been on a roll lately).

What was your take on this “Veep” episode, and are you now even more on pins in needles when it comes to the upcoming finale? Be sure to share your thoughts below! Also, you can read up on why Julia Louis-Dreyfus deserves an Emmy this year just by heading over to the link here.

Photo: HBO

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