‘Mad Men’ season 6 finale spoilers: Early speculation on ‘In Care Of’

Mad MenEven though we have not even made it through the 12th episode of “Mad Men” season 6 just yet, this isn’t quite stopping us from taking a look at what could be a pretty incredible way in which to end the year: With an installment entitled “In Care Of.”

The only details released by AMC thus far are the title for the episode, along with the words “Don has a problem.” It’s pretty easy at this point to know that Don’s in trouble after his daughter caught him messing around with his friend’s wife, but what sort of problem are we looking at here specifically? Remember that Sally Draper knows a pretty major secret, and the next two episodes are going to revolve around a pivotal question: Can Don keep her quiet?

In addition to having to worry about Sally spilling the beans, there may also now be another threat to his secret coming out from Sylvia herself. Think about it: Would she rather run the risk of a teenager girl she doesn’t even know telling her friend Megan  (who will likely tell her husband) about the affair, or would she rather do it herself? Either way the results will be severe, but she could see this more as an example of softening the blow.

Elsewhere, expect some sort of conclusion to are the current situation regarding Pete Campbell and his  mother, the Bob Benson mystery, and if there is going to be any substantial progress when it comes to the dealings with SC&P alongside Chevrolet. (Ted should play a major role in this, as he has in most dealings as of late.)

What do you think about the title for this “Mad Men” episode? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and you can read some more news on what to expect Sunday night over at the link here.

Photo: AMC

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