‘The Bachelorette’ rankings: Chris Siegfried, Juan Pablo Galavis enter the running

Desiree HartsockWe have a feeling that these “Bachelorette” rankings, save for some potential shake-up a little bit further down the road, are going to get very predictable. While Sean Lowe and Emily Maynard’s seasons were both pretty fun to do this with in that there were a number of different contenders that shifted and evolved over the season, this time around, there seems to be one clear favorite, and everyone else playing catch-up. We’re not even just talking about on the show as almost every eliminated contestant is picking the same guy as who is Desiree Hartsock’s likely match.

We’re taking quotes from these guys to heart when it comes to creating our rankings, as well as a few other things: Airtime, edit, and overall chemistry with Desiree based on what we’ve seen.

The top five

5. Drew Kenney (last week: 5) – Drew really hasn’t done anything that impressive, but who else are we really going to be able to put in here? This is where the mystery really lies. Bryden’s not acting like he’s that into her, everyone hates Ben, and Kasey had one of the most awkward dates with a contestant ever without being eliminated on the spot.

4. Zak Waddell (1) – This is what happens when you fail to make a big splash for a week: You get moved down in the rankings. Zak still has plenty of chances coming up, and we are already impressed that he’s more than just a Texas guy who likes to run around with no clothes on.

3. Juan Pablo Galavis (not ranked) – When your name is “Juan Pablo,” you almost have a sort of immediate advantage when it comes to winning a woman like Desiree over. He’s got the Latin charm, the athletic build, and clearly Desiree is into him. But to cool down their make-out session from Monday night, we have to ask: Is there something here beyond just physical chemistry?

2. Chris Siegfried (not ranked) – See how far getting a group date rose can take you? Chris made a pretty good impression at the dodgeball game despite not working all of his charm a la Juan Pablo, and we get more of an impression from him that he will stick around for the long haul more than just for the physical chemistry.

1. Brooks Forester (2) – Two weeks ago, Brooks wasn’t ranked; now, he’s all the way up to #1. We’re sure that a part of Desiree wanted to give the rose to him after the dodgeball injury, but she may not have wanted to put that sort of target on him. The truth is just that the two seem to have a great chemistry, but more importantly than that, every guy is coming off the show and acting like he is the one to beat. The last time that happened was with Brad Womack and Emily Maynard … and you know how that turned out.

WHo do you think will end up winning Desiree’s heart? Leave us a comment tell us who your favorite is.

Photo: ABC

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