2013 Emmy Awards: Cheering for Adam Scott, Andrew Rannells, Jake Johnson

EmmysWith some Emmy categories, the end decision simply comes down to which way the voters decide to swing the pendulum. Do they go with older, more familiar names, or go daring and trying to recognize someone new? When it comes to the Actor in a Comedy Series category this year, it’s really up in the air this year.

If the show decides to get predictable, than we expect that most of the familiar names will be there: Alec Baldwin, Jim Parsons, Jon Cryer, Don Cheadle, Louis C.K., and Matt LeBlanc. That’s the Emmys predictable lineup. What we’ve assembled as our personal dream nominees is a little bit more eclectic based on who we actually think rose to the occasion within the past year.

Alec Baldwin, “30 Rock” (NBC) – You may hate Alec Baldwin, but the guy is a great actor, and Jack Donaghy is one of those characters that you’ll remember forever for his utter ridiculousness and ego. Nobody could have played this role besides Alec, and he’s one of the reasons why we loved “30 Rock” over the years.

Jason Bateman, “Arrested Development” (Netflix) – We’re still curious as to how much the Emmys will choose to recognize anything on Netflix, since they could very well decide that they are afraid of it and pretend that it is a poltergeist living underneath their house. Bateman was tremendous in the revival of this series (as if you expected anything less out of him.)

Louis C.K., “Louie” (FX) – We go back and forth on whether he or Alec is the current favorite this year. Parsons shtick has gotten a little bit old, even for the Emmys and Louis is consistently strong when it comes to bringing enough of himself to his character to be distinctive, and enough that causes him to still have a differing personality outside of the show. Nuance is the best way to describe this rather than overt attempts to be funny with every line.

Jake Johnson, “New Girl” (Fox) – Anyone who reads this site often you know that we’ve been aboard the Jake Johnson train since the very beginning of this show. This year, he actually has a real shot of getting nominated, at least if the drama-loving Emmy voters actually go out and watch the episodes that were submitted.

Andrew Rannells, “The New Normal” (NBC) – You can say something similar about Rannells, who really needs the nomination now given that this is his only chance to win it for NBC’s now-canceled and very underrated show. “The New Normal” became stronger every week that the series progressed, and much of that was due to Rannells’ energy, and his continued insistence on making Bryan more than just what you saw on the surface.

Adam Scott, “Parks and Recreation” (NBC) – Poor Adam Scott. This will probably be another year that he fails to get the attention that he deserves for playing Ben. He’s not one of the show’s silly characters, but that does not make him any less great. Sometimes, the biggest challenge of all may be not being crazy, especially in a town like Pawnee where you already have Leslie and Tom.

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