‘Veep’ season 2, episode 9 preview: How did Selina Meyer turn this around?

VeepWith one episode to go until “Veep” season 2 comes to a close, Selina Meyer has managed yet again to find a way to surprise us. Why is that? She managed to morph around what was a completely terrible situation for her in a botched TV interview, and make it into a positive with the press.

Is there a silver lining here? Yes, and it’s a pretty massive one given that the entire thing is built on a lie. At the end of the interview, Selina claimed that she was in part responsible for a diplomatic victory, and she said so in such an authoritative way that you may as well have blared “The Star-Spangled Banner” from her ears while giving her a Captain America outfit to parade around in. She was happy to finally have a victory during what has been a pretty difficult time for her.

Unfortunately, we all know that victory in the world of politics can be extremely fleeting … so much so that you can go from being a winner to a loser in the span of one day. Selina is the master of panic and also the master of embarrassing herself, so we cannot imagine that there will not be some sort of revelation made to the press that she’s making stuff up, and when it all comes out this will be far uglier than her forcing her daughter to dump her boyfriend on national TV. (We hope that he understands.)

No matter what happens, we’re all winners so long as Sunday’s episode is as funny as what we’ve been seeing as of late. Well, we’ll rephrase that: Everyone’s a winner except for Selina.

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Photo: HBO

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