‘The Voice’ UK results: Did Joseph Apostol, Matt Henry, Andrea Begley advance to final?

The Voice“The Voice”  UK delivered some good performances this week, but were they ready to also deliver a surprise? First of all, we have to say that we’ve never seen such a state of panicked urgency as this one. Some of the show’s coaches were almost desperate to make it clear just how badly they need a winner that can actually sell records, mostly because Leanne Mitchell was a massive flop to the point where she made some of the Americans winners of “The Voice” look impressive (and you’re talking about a pair of winners from the American show who failed to make much of an impression at all).

So one by one, let’s go through all of the teams on the broadcast.

Team Jessie J – Matt Henry wins over Ash Morgan. Our first big surprise of the night, given that we thought that Ash had a legitimately good chance of actually winning this whole competition. Matt’s not even someone that was on Jessie’s team at first, but he has found a way to the final off the strength of a great performance of “Girl on Fire.”

Team Danny O’Donoghue – Andrea Begley over Karl Michael. Karl looked like someone took his puppy as he didn’t get through, which shows how badly the man wanted this to happen. Andrea, meanwhile, has an emotional story that may propel her to a victory.

Team will.i.am – Leah McFall over Cleo Higgins. The result that genuinely made us thrilled, mostly because we think that a Leah win is the best thing the show can hope for when it comes to having a winner that can sell albums. She’s different, and Britain needs that.

Team Tom Jones – Mike Ward over Joseph Apostol. Wow. Surprising results show, right? We didn’t expect Mike to make it through given how Britain has never fully embraced the world of country, but he pulled it off.

What is your take on some of these results, and do you think that the right people are in the finale? If you want to read our full impressions on tonight’s show, the best way to do that is to head on over to the link here.

Photo: BBC One

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