‘True Blood’ season 6 premiere spoilers: Joe Manganiello shares a LOT of information

True BloodJust in case you really wanted to know about what “True Blood” was doing in the “no pants dance” department for season 6, Joe Manganiello has an answer for you! So to all of the ladies and gents who are curious about it, you’re welcome. For everyone else who is a prude, why are you watching this show?

While at this show’s season 6 premiere this week, Manganiello sat down with E! News to spill the beans on what has to be a bizarre way to return to work, and probably a bizarre way to start off work as a new Packmaster. Suffice it to say that Alcide is going to enjoy some of the benefits that come with being a single man in power of some werewolf minions:

“This crazy wild three-way…is kind of the beginning and the end of all the perks of being a pack master … It’s the most thankless job in the world except for the random occasional three-way. It’s pretty intense. I think they looked at the footage from last year and thought, ‘Where do we go from here?’ And they figured it out.”

For those wondering, yes, there will be some skin that is shown during this scene. As for those of you who want to know more about Alcide’s actual story, here’s a few little tidbits to keep track of:

1. Don’t expect him back with Sookie anytime soon. She’s got a new love interest, which you can read a little more about in this story.

2. He’ll have some time with his dear ol’ dad soon (just in time for Father’s Day … aww), as Robert Patrick was promoted to a series regular after “Last Resort” was canceled.

3. His number will be called upon at some point to help with one of the season’s main stories, a battle between vampires and humans spawned by fanatical Louisiana Governor Burrell.

If you want more news beyond that, check out some of the sneak peeks for Sunday’s premiere here.

Photo: HBO

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