‘Mad Men’ season 6 spoilers: Vincent Kartheiser on that Pete Campbell – Bob Benson moment

PeteBob Benson on “Mad Men” season 6 is like the living version of the hatch from “Lost.” There’s some sort of mystery floating around in there, but none of the characters know how to crack the hard shell on the outside. The only difference is that we’re pretty sure that there’s not a crazy guy inside playing “Make Your Own Kind of Music” an wheeling a gun … even though the song was written in, you guessed it, 1968!

Last week, we got our first real sense of what lies underneath the surface with Bob, and it was apparently a desire to come on to Pete Campbell in a moment of vulnerability. Who knew since he’s spent most of this season getting close to Joan? The surprise to some was that Pete Campbell didn’t have one of his trademark meltdowns following it; you almost felt that it was coming and could feel the tension in the air, but then he stopped.

Want to know why? Check out what Vincent Kartheiser said to Vulture about filming the scene, and of Pete’s reaction to something that blindsided at a point in his life where his character has really seen it all:

“This is not something that he foresaw. It’s not an ongoing issue. This is a moment that happened out of the blue, and if it’s ever happened to you, and I don’t know if it has, but if it’s ever happened to you, if someone of the same sex that you didn’t recognize had those feelings toward you, and then all of a sudden that happens, there’s just a moment where it sets in.

“Now, you also have to understand the reason he didn’t explode is because Bob is bigger than him and stronger than him, and Pete last season got his ass kicked by someone who wasn’t as big or as strong as Bob. Matthew’s allowed his characters to learn. Okay, Pete can scream at his secretary. He can scream at his mom. But to scream at or attack someone like Bob, who has a lot to lose in this situation, may open Pete Campbell up to a broken jaw or a black eye.”

What we can tease for you about Bob is this: There are more secrets coming in the final two episodes, and creator Matthew Weiner is well aware that there’s something a little bit off about the guy. We hope he sticks around, mostly because we love all of the passionate conspiracy theories that are floating around out there. As for Pete, he’s going to need to try and bond more with Peggy to find some sort of happiness in his life again. He’s sure not getting it at home or with Trudy.

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Photo: AMC

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