Jimmy Fallon writer Arthur Meyer, Justin Bieber team up for ‘frog lawn mower’ experiment

Late Night with Jimmy FallonThis week on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” we learned something that will shock virtually no one: Justin Bieber gets a bazillion retweets for everything that he posts. The guy could tweet the word “potato,” and so many people would retweet it that the thing would become a trending topic.

So basically, Fallon and writer Arthur Meyer came up with the identity that Meyer would start to mimic Justin’s tweets on his own account, see how many retweets he managed to receive for them, and compare. The problem? Bieber found out about it, and started to retweet some of what Meyer wrote just to make it interesting. Things culminated yesterday, when the words “frog lawn mower” went viral. It was something random that entered the mind of Meyer, and soon it exploded all over the world.

Here are some thing that we never expected to see happen as a result:

1. Bieber actually finding pictures of frogs and lawn mowers to share along with the original message.

2. Justin also “sending” a mower decorated with frogs to the show, that way Jimmy could present it to Arthur (you can see this in the video below).

3. The idea of something so absolutely ridiculous getting over 60,000 retweets between the two guys. Basically, there were more people that tweeted about frogs cutting grass than people who live in a good percentage of American cities. Let that seep into your brain for a few minutes.

This was a weird thing to do, and for Bieber it was a smart move to take part given that a good many people out there are getting so tired of negative stories about him that they were hoping his just-announced space flight would be permanent. Will this gesture shut those people up? Probably not, but still … It’s better to try.

What do you think about this whole ordeal: Funny, too bizarre to be interesting, or a smart career move by Justin? If you want some more scoop on the upcoming “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” (notice the name change), check it out here.

Photo: NBC

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