‘Big Brother 15’ spoilers: Full details on ‘After Dark’ change

Big BrotherWe know that not everyone who watches “Big Brother 15” wants to pay for the live feeds and that all of the really juicy stuff doesn’t always air on TV. This is what “Big Brother After Dark” is for, right?

Well, CBS put many diehard fans into a tailspin when they announced the move to the TV Guide Network, a channel that not everyone has, though the positive is that it’s not a network that you have to pay for. The show is shorter (two hours instead of three), but we don’t really mind that so much given that there’s really only so much that happens generally this late at night. Our feeling is that you usually have two or three nights of pure insanity a season, and then a number of nights where you fall asleep to the sound of two people chatting about potato-chip flavors.

Here’s what should help you breathe a sigh of relief about the show coming over from the Showtime family of networks: It’s still going to be the same show that it was. Big Brother Network spoke with the network’s Vice President of Communications and Media Relations in Leslie Furuta, and she explained a few things to make fans relax a bit.

1. It will still be uncensored – Thank basic-cable rules for late-night programming for this. The only thing that we could ever seen being a problem is if someone takes off all of their clothes, but we don’t know if there will be another Ian in the cast.

2. There will be tiny commercials – Just like there were during the version that aired on Sho 2.

3. There is not a programming guide that scrolls along the bottom of screen – This ain’t your daddy’s TV Guide Network, just to throw some Father’s Day humor in there.

So basically, this is going to be pretty much the same show, except on a different network that you won’t have to pay extra to have. The only downside is that not everyone has this on their cable package, but there’s not really any situation here where everybody wins (except if Dr. Will and Dan suddenly appearing on the new season and go head to head for the title of “Best Big Brother player ever”).

In other “Big Brother” news, the latest promo for the new season is online! Check it out here, and be prepared to be horrified by Britney Haynes’ screech.

Photo: CBS

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