‘Dexter’ season 8 spoilers: A pairing that may surprise you

Dexter and Debra MorganGiven that there are only so many characters within the “Dexter” world, it’s easy to raise an eyebrow when you hear about the words “surprising hookup.” However, this is a situation that we are looking at very soon for the show in its final season.

According to Entertainment Weekly, two characters coming up are going to do something that will likely polarize some fans, but unfortunately this is all we really have for you on that subject right now. Maybe it involves Dexter, maybe Deb, maybe two other characters. We’re not quite sure. Maybe this claim is talking about Quinn and Jamie, though that would seem a little bit obvious based on the fact that the two looked like they were going in that direction at the end of last season, and we are going to have at least some sort of time jump between last season and this one.

At least one aspect of this that makes things interesting is that just about all of the main characters could be involved in this in some way or another, given that all of them are romantically unattached at the moment. This differs dramatically from back during the early seasons, when Deb frequently had love interests, Dexter had Rita, or when Batista was briefly married to LaGuerta around the middle of the series’ run.

All we can say about the supporting characters now is that some of them (in particular Masuka) are going to have more interesting stories than they have as of late, with one of the hopes being to see something different from them before the show comes to a close.

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