‘The X Factor’ USA: Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato in New Orleans; Fifth Harmony scoop

The X FactorWe’re dividing up this edition of “The X Factor” notes into two separate mini-stories. First, we have a report from the auditions recently in New Orleans, and we’ll go from there to talking about some more song lyrics for Fifth Harmony, whose single “Miss Moving’ On” will premiere on Saturday during Romeo’s radio show.

In talking about the season 3 auditions first and foremost, though, we have a video from Fox that shows off just how passionate some members of the audience are about seeing this new panel of judges. Our first impression? Paulina Rubio is the least-popular based on name recognition, which is no surprise given that she may not be that well-known away from the Latin community. The audience love Kelly Rowland, Simon Cowell referred to Demi Lovato as “the girl in the black dress,” and he then gave himself the most narcissistic introduction in human history.

As for the auditions, we know already that Panda Ross from season 2 is making some sort of a return appearance. When it comes to everyone else, the jury is still out.

Fifth HarmonyAs for those Fifth Harmony lyrics, here you go! We have to admit that there isn’t anything that different with this line than anything else that we have seen yet for the song so far, but that makes sense since it’s all from the same track. What we do know right now is that “Miss Movin’ On” is basically the modern version of “Miss Independent,” which was also a song about a feeling of empowerment and that having a man in your life shouldn’t be the main priority on your list. It’s these type of empowerment songs that helped to launch the career of Kelly Clarkson so maybe lightning will strike twice.

Hopefully we’ll find out some more details on this song very soon, including a day when it will officially go for adds on the radio.

If you want to read some more lyrics for the new song, just navigate your mouse over to the link here!

Photo: Fox

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