‘Top Shot All-Stars’ season 5, episode 3 review: Chee Kwan, Gabby Franco face off

Top Shots all starsThis week on “Top Shot All-Stars” the focus was all on speed, so they brought back a more controversial challenge from season 3 for the contestants to compete in.

Two contestants went head to head as they each tried to shoot out their targets first, but there was a little bit of a twist to make things interesting. Random contestants that had their name drawn got to choose who they wanted to shoot against, which could be a real advantage in a competition like this. Before picking partners they all got to go to the practice range, and while some were using this time to really figure out what they were doing, Jamie Franks decided to take this as an opportunity to try and throw some of the other shooters off by doing terrible. Unfortunately for Franks, Chee Kwan was on to his game and knew he was trying to sandbag himself.

At the actual competition it was a pretty close race for the contestants. Kyle and Adam were seconds apart when Kyle took the win. William chose Jamie, falling for his “I’m a terrible shooter” shtick in practice and William gets his head handed to him by Jamie. When it was Brian’s turn, he selected Alex to prove himself against him after Alex beat him on the axe-head/balloon challenge last week. Brian takes out Alex, but it was real close. Next was Peter and Gary and after another very close race, Gary came out on top. When Joe chose Kelly, we weren’t sure how this was going to end, but Kelly closed the deal and Joe was sent to the losers bench. Chris chose Gabby and he completely killed the challenge by hitting every target before Gabby could hit more then one. This leaves Chee verses Phil and although both of them had difficulty hitting the targets, Phil was victorious.

Back at the house (before the proving ground) Chee and Gabby made brownies for everyone and it was nice to see that Chee sending Gabby home on season 4 of “Top Shot” didn’t affect their friendship in the least. While this is still a competition show first and foremost, we do like to see the contestants forming long lasting friendships.

At the proving ground Adam, William, Alex, Peter, Joe, Gabby and Chee took their best shots, but when Gabby chokes it pits her against Chee in the elimination round, meaning that one of our two favorite shooters will be going home. So who ended up leaving the competition this week?  Gabby took a strong lead in the elimination challenge and Chee just couldn’t catch up, sending him home. It was a great battle to watch, but we’d be lying if we didn’t say that we are disappointed to see Chee leaving the competition.

Were you surprised to see Gabby choke in the proving ground, but glad that she pulled herself together for the elimination round?  Leave us a comment and tell us who you think will win “Top Shot All-Stars” season 5.

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