‘Necessary Roughness’ season 3 premiere review: Dani’s back, but in a new world

Necessary RoughnessOver the “Necessary Roughness” hiatus, USA clearly decided that there was not much else that they wanted to do with the New York Hawks football storyline … at least with Dr. Dani attached to it. Instead, they have found a way to shift her into a new place, while still keeping T.K. a part of the show, as well.

But is this retooled series going to work? After watching the season 3 premiere, there is reason to be both hopeful and also skeptical about what we are seeing. It only seem right to start things off with the good: The new sports agency that Dani moved into, thanks in part to Niko’s help after her dismissal from the Hawks, is a beautiful place, and there is also John Stamos and David Anders around as her new bosses. Sound great? We at least like having some familiar actors around here in new roles, and allowing Dani to see a wider arrange of clientele.

The problems for the new show arise in that like this shiny new agency, we don’t really know the inner character of these people yet. Stamos comes across right now as the perfect businessman, so where’s the flaws? Anders at least has a player who is a bit more guarded and mysterious, which is something he has learned to play rather well. It’s just such a different show and environment, and we of course worry about it becoming too patient-of-the-week if every episode is a new client.

This is going to be a show that has to simmer for a while mostly because while we didn’t hate the premiere, we didn’t entirely love it either. It just felt too firmly down the middle, not really tilting one way or the other. Plus, the reveal of Niko doing something mysterious in the end felt a little too over-dramatic and Bond villain-like that we don’t really buy into it as a great cliffhanger. The kids are gone, there’s a friend always around, and some of this feels like a move to either save money or do a new sort of show.

What did you think about the premiere? If you want to read more news related to the show, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: USA

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