‘MasterChef’ USA season 4 review: Luca, Kathy, and a gauntlet of a challenge

MasterChefThere was something so epic about Wednesday night’s “MasterChef” that you would almost think of it as a finale. Major props to the show’s producers here for spending some money, and doing something that completely caught us off-guard in narrowing down the field down yet again.

The end result of this two-hour gauntlet was really not that surprising at all: Kathy, who has been the last person picked twice now for team challenges, was eliminated. What was a little more shocking was the way in which she was eliminated: In a lobster cook-off situated on top of Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. This followed a competition to see who could make the best burger in one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants, which followed a pressure test involving eggs benedict, and ended with a team challenge involving steak and gratuitous Walmart product placement.

Being that this is season 4 of the show, it only feels appropriate to now present the four best moments of this episode:

1. Natasha vs. Beth – Natasha is still pure entertainment gold, even if she is the last person we would ever want to be on a team with. It’s always nice to have someone around to stir the pot.

2. Being oblivious – How Did Natasha / Beth and Luca / Kathy (who were doing the burger challenge) not figure out that the VIPs were really just the other contestants coming to try their food.

3. Krissi somehow continuing to pull every pressure test out of thin air. She may be polarizing, but she’s proving herself.

4. That there was ever really any drama here at all. Luca’s gotten a ton of screen time this season. We don’t think he’ll win, but he definitely has a few more weeks ahead of him.

What did you think about this lengthy episode, and the ultimately result of it? Be sure to share your thoughts below! Also, be sure to visit the link here if you want to read some of our most-recent contestants interviews.

Photo: Fox

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