‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 4 spoilers: Exec on sending Tyler Blackburn to ‘Ravenswood’

CalebWhat’s interesting about “Pretty Little Liars” season 4 is that the series is actually doing more than just telling its own story; it has to try and pave the way for another one. “Ravenswood” is the much-hyped spin-off show premiering with the Halloween special this fall, and we know already that one series regular from this show in Tyler Blackburn is going to be making the move over.

But why him? It’s an interesting question. We know that fans of his character Caleb’s relationship with Hanna (Ashley Benson) are understandably worried about what this move will mean for them, and we have no answers for you right now when it comes to whether or not this will signal the end of their relationship. All we can tell you for now is that when it came to finding a character (not one of the Liars) who would be an interesting addition to the “Ravenswood” world, Caleb felt like one of the best ones to creator / executive producer Marlene King.

For more, just see what King had to say on the subject in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter:

“It’s been explored on the show that he doesn’t really know that much about his past and about his parents … Because of the nature of what Ravenswood will be, it felt like he was the best character to take us to that world and explore the mythology that we’re going to explore.”

There will of course be possibilities for the two shows to trade out guest stars, thanks mostly in part to them being set within close proximity to each other. We still want to believe that Hanna / Caleb are endgame, so we’ll hold out hope no matter what happens here.

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Photo: ABC Family

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