‘Game of Thrones’ season 4 spoilers: Is Tywin Lannister afraid of Emilia Clarke’s Dany?

Game of ThronesWe know that there are not too many things out there that scare Tywin Lannister. He’s arguably the most-powerful man right now in the seven kingdoms, and he has thus far orchestrated everything from the victory at the Battle of Blackwater to the alliance with Walder Frey that led to the death of Robb Stark at the Red Wedding.

So is there a reason to be afraid of Danaerys Stormborn moving into the start of “Game of Thrones” season 4? We definitely think so. She is not only in possession of the Unsullied, but she also managed to liberate the people of Yunkai. This means that she ultimately has quite a few people who are willing to fight for her, and even the most hard-nosed of Lannisters may need to shake somewhat in his finely-made boots.

As it turns out, Tywin may be doing this very thing, though he would never admit to it publicly. Speaking within a new interview with TV Guide, Charles Dance details whether or not his character would be thinking about this sort of threat at this point in the story, and as news of Dany’s accomplishments starts to cross over to Westeros:

“I think it’s something that he’s thinking about actually. But he certainly wouldn’t show that to a little boy like Joffrey. But I think that’s something that probably keeps him a little awake at night, if anything keeps him awake.”

We’ll have to see just how terrified Tywin really is when season 4 picks up for the HBO hit in the spring of 2014. We know that Tywin will still be around, and the potential for him to do terrible things is still great, so long as he goes on relatively unopposed.

What do you think about Dance’s comments, and do you think Tywin should be afraid of Danaerys? If you want to read what Maisie Williams has to say about the future of Arya Stark, you don’t have to look any further than the link here.

Photo: HBO

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