‘Veep’ season 2, episode 8 review: One long, hilarious, and awkward interview

VeepWe always love to see it when a show opts to do something slightly different than their typical routine, and “Veep” certainly did that with what was effectively a bottle episode Sunday night. The entire half-hour took place within the confines of the Vice-President’s residence, and the subject was centered solely around and interview that Selina Meyer was doing with Janet, an “old friend” who was really just out to lure her into a state of false security, just so that she could later bury her with a serious of “gotcha” questions designed to embarrass the heck out of her while seeking “the truth.”

In turn, what happened was the best episode of “Veep” to date: A cringe-worthy spectacular that was basically Selina failing as bad as a human being has ever failed while taping a segment. We don’t know which flub out of the following was the worst:

1. Her forcing her vegetarian daughter to each chicken on-camera

2. Her looking like she was not a part of shutdown negotiations, and backtracking on claims that the process would take a long time.

3. Her daughter saying that her favorite vacation was with a housekeeper.

4. Talking about her husband’s emails on-camera.

5. Her insistence that she actually cooked often.

6. Forcing her daughter to “dump” her boyfriend on-camera.

7. The giant lie she made up at the end that made her look involved in national security decisions.

These are just the moments that come to us off the top of our head, but they were only the tip of the iceberg this week when it came to funny moments. Just seeing Selina’s team completely fall apart and become volatile with production, who did not care about them for a single second, was hysterical. Also, we could say the same thing about Jonah trying to play the hero in front of a mass audience.

What was especially great about this episode was that it did push the story forward, but also gave a story that worked so well independently that even a non-fan could have came in here and laughed hysterical. Maybe some people stuck around following the “Game of Thrones” finale and checked this out. We only hope so, since this was clearly the most horrifying TV event since the Red Wedding.

Was this the best episode of “Veep” ever to you? If you want to read even more in the context of this episode, be sure to head over to the link here.

Photo: HBO

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