‘Game of Thrones’ season 3 finale review: ‘Mhysa’, White Walkers, pain, and unity

Game of ThronesYou’ve waited for it, and last week after the Red Wedding finally came, you probably cried your eyes out. On Sunday night, “Game of Thrones” season 3 came to a close, and there was quite a bit that transpired. With that being said, it was probably still a little bit less shocking than anything we saw with “The Rains of Castamere.”

What was perhaps most significant through all of the characters’ stories is the notion of unity. We are finally starting to see some of these people come together, and what were once singular tales are now slowly and surely becoming so much more. It’s an exciting prospect, and something that makes for a thrilling season 4.

The Lannisters – Oh, the complicated family dynamics that are at play here. Tyrion grows more rebellious against the king, though everyone other than Joffrey knows that it is actually Tywin in power here. The notion of what comes next is both frightening for some and exciting for others. The King is clearly in trouble, whereas you cannot underestimate Tyrion … though it is unclear as to whether or not Shae will be convinced to leave.

Meanwhile, Jaime’s back! However, it is unclear how he will be received.

Arya – Is her path of revenge officially under way? We’re betting on it, based on her killing her first man tonight. Maybe she and the Hound can be the ultimate killing double-act.

Jon Snow – After nearly being shot to death by a scorned Ygritte, Jon eventually did make it back to the home of the Night’s Watch, and to Sam fresh off of seeing the Stark children. They also managed to ship off ravens to warn some of the other kingdoms of the White Walkers’ arrival, which is the first real reminder that there may be another, more powerful war coming.

Stannis – This very notice allowed Sir Davos to actually survive, as Melisandre saw that the future for him requires the Hand of the King in order to survive.

Danaerys – Now, you know where “Mhysa” comes from. It means Mother, and Dany now has a whole new group of supporters. Yet again, the last person on Westeros’ mind is gaining in power, and is set to be more dangerous than ever once she crosses over.

Theon – Did we really even need the guy this season? Basically, Alfie Allen spent all season being tortured, and he now has a new name. That’s about it.

Overall, was this the best season ever? We’re feeling pretty confident that the answer here is a resounding “yes.” We’ve come to know and love these characters, and we’ve almost gotten to the point where we are emotional over saying goodbye to them. We just hope that the wait for season 4 feels a bit faster, even though we know it won’t.

What did you think about the “Game of Thrones” finale, and how much more excited are you to see more? If you want to check out an early look at season 4 of the show, you can do so here.

Photo: HBO

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