‘Game of Thrones’ season 3 finale spoilers: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau talks balance

Jaime“Game of Thrones” is no ordinary show, and with that in mind the story really carries over from one season to the next in a way that is not exactly similar to just about everything else on television. Even when there are not scripts, there are the George R.R. Martin books, and based on how firmly the show stays fixated onto those (with a few changes here and there), you kind of have a sense of what’s coming.

So what makes these season finales, including the one airing on Sunday night, so special? In an interview with “Access Hollywood,” one of the series’ stars in Nikolaj Coster-Waldau explained how there is a challenge to end this season on a high note, but also create some sort of drama that carries over to what happens in the new year:

“There’s only episode left and it’s one of those episodes that are — it’s always a tricky one because you want some kind of ending of this year, and at the same time you want to set up next year. You want people, hopefully, to leave the year like, ‘Oh what a great season!’ And at the same time, ‘Oh I can’t wait for the next year.’ So who knows if we make it back, but if we did, I’m sure it would leave more questions than answers.”

Thankfully, there will not be too much time spent in a wasteland, without any news to report. Filming on season 4 will begin next month, with Northern Ireland again being the primary location. Some other filming sites will likely include Croatia (given that you always need King’s Landing), but some other countries are either too unclear or too much of a spoiler to reveal at this time.

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Photo: HBO

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