‘Saturday Night Live’ re-watch: ‘Stormy Skies’ the only Vince Vaughn highlight

Saturday Night Live LogoThere are some editions of “Saturday Night Live” (see Melissa McCarthy) that we absolutely cannot wait to watch again. However, there are also some editions that we could barely get through the first time around, and one of those was the show hosted by Vince Vaughn.

During the first viewing, we immediately knew that we were in trouble when Vince’s opening monologue was basically him serving as his own hype man, and it really did not get any better from there. This was something that we found moderately funny in viewing #1, mostly because we didn’t know what was coming after it. Now, it feels more like “I need to get you on my side now.”

One of the reasons that some of the good sketches don’t work upon repeat viewing is that they were either dependent on the moment, or on something pop-culture related. Take, for example, the LL Cool J / Brad Paisley impersonation. Does anyone care about this controversy anymore? It’s old news, and it was almost old news back when it first aired on the show.

We do wonder whether or not Vaughn had market synergy on his side here, though since he originally went on this show in part to promote his new movie “The Internship,” which actually is in theaters this weekend. So who knows? Maybe a few people are going to be so enchanted by this that they want to go out and pay to see his movie. If we see it, we can say that it certainly won’t be because of this.

Did this “SNL” viewing experience getting any better for you the second time around? If you do want to read our list of dream hosts for the upcoming season, all you have to do is click here.

Photo: NBC

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