Fall TV preview: Do ABC, Malin Akerman have a hit in ‘Trophy Wife’?

Trophy WifeIf there is one thing we can say about the 2013 fall season based on all the pilot trailers that we’ve watched (and the couple of full pilots that we’ve seen in full, which we’ll have more on in the weeks ahead), it’s this: This is really becoming the year of the family sitcom. For whatever reason, everyone decided this year that they wanted the new “Modern Family,” and this includes a network that already has one in ABC.

After watching the trailer for “Trophy Wife,” we actually think that it is a show with some promise, but we would switched the time-slots already between it and “The Goldbergs,” so that this one airs Tuesdays at 9:00 (after “Agents of SHIELD”) rather than 9:30. “Trophy Wife” is such a flashier name that it probably has a better shot of getting viewers straight from the get-go.

“Watchmen” star Malin Akerman plays exactly what is in the title: A young woman in a relationship with an older man (Bradley Whitford) and everyone besides them has a problem with it. There are multiple children and two ex-wives in the equation, and neither of them are going to be particularly happy with this new pairing. Akerman’s Kate is trying hard, but she’s also inexperienced in how to do anything, and she often gives a sort of ditsy impression.

We like that there is a pretty strong supporting cast here (and it’s nice to see Phyllis from “The Office” again so soon), and there are a few moments during this that we genuinely laughed. At least it’s not just a same-old family sitcom, and there is even some humor in here about the structure of families in the first place. Akerman has some great acting chops for physical comedy, and seems perfectly suited for the part.

The only thing that makes us hesitant is that so many of these gags are all about the same thing: Kate is young, and she may not be ready to be a parent. We get it already. Unless the writers are sharp, this shtick will get old very soon.

What’s your take on the “Trophy Wife” trailer? Do you love or hate it? This is just one part of our somewhat-massive Fall TV Preview series, and you can head over here if you want to read some more quick takes on some of the other shows coming up this season.

Photo: ABC

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