‘The Bachelorette’ rankings: Why Brooks Forester, Zak Waddell are Desiree contenders

BrooksWe’re back for the second week of ranking the top 5 on “The Bachelorette,” and it’s quite an interesting list that we have here. Among the group we have a guy who showed up shirtless, a man who wore a tuxedo last week, and a guy who just about everyone in the house seems to hate. Talk about perfect matches for any lucky lady, right? Okay, so the reality is that they all still do have a little bit of work to do if they want to win her heart in the end, and that includes becoming more than just archetype characters.

This is probably one of the hardest shows to rank for since it’s all subjective and based on what someone feels. We’re basing our decision based mostly on chemistry with Desiree Hartsock, but also screen time, and whether or not that time is positive. (We only rank the top 5 for the first few weeks, and this list is spoiler-free.)

5. Drew Kenney (last week: 1) – The major drop for Drew here is mostly due to an utter lack of air time this past week. He didn’t get himself in any trouble, though, which is nice. Remember, Catherine Giudici was ignored for the better first half of her season before becoming a favorite at the end.

4. Ben Scott (2) – We are sure that it probably makes Ben cringe to be referred to as the Male Tierra, but that’s really what he is: A guy who wants attention, is strategic in how he gets it, and annoys and alienates the other contestants in the process. He doesn’t sound like a terrible person, but he is hardly doing a good job at having good relationships in the house.

3. Bryden Vukasin (4) – On the surface, it looked like Bryden and Desiree had a pretty great date for themselves this week that ended in a hot tub make-out session. (It’s a “Bachelor” / “Bachelorette” tradition!) Yet there was something a little strange that came out of how Bryden occasionally came across as somewhat hesitant, which is definitely not something we really expected from him going into this.

2. Brooks Forester (not ranked) – Meanwhile, Brooks came almost out of nowhere this week and proved to be the knight in shining armor for Desiree (but not like Diogo, since that was just weird). He played along with the wedding date perfectly, and there is genuine chemistry. But can he maintain that week-to-week? That is still to be seen.

1. Zak Waddell (3) – What makes the contestant formerly known as Shirtless Zak significant to us is that he managed to do something that was more than a little bit unusual: Actually impressing without even getting a rose the entire episode. He is getting a very Lindsay Yenter sort of edit right now, and while she didn’t win, she definitely made it pretty far.

Who is your favorite among Desiree’s guys right now? We want to hear from you with a comment below! Also, you can watch a sneak peek for Monday night’s “The Bachelorette” episode just by heading on over to the link here.

Photo: ABC

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