‘Suits’ season 3, ‘Covert Affairs’ season 4 team up for another new promo

Covert AffairsDo you love the idea of a “Suits” – “Covert Affairs” lineup together on USA this summer? Well, the network seems to be having quite a bit of fun with the idea already.

In the new video below, you can see a pretty fantastic meeting of the minds between Annie Walker from “Covert Affairs” and Donna from “Suits,” otherwise known as two characters who know quite a bit about each other. While Annie is a spy with the CIA, you also have someone in Donna who manages to be almost as excellent in the field of intelligence without even having a badge to her name. (Then again, it is pretty imperative that she keeps tabs on everyone in order to assist Harvey.)

Both of these shows have become now staples in the USA lineup, and with their primo time-slot coming up later this year, the hope for both of them obviously is that they only continue to deliver on this promise of greatness. The challenge is really going to be maintaining things: Will Annie and Auggie be as interesting this summer now that the two have shared a real moment? You can really say the same thing about Mike and Rachel on “Suits,” but there is another problem thrown in there courtesy of Mike’s secret about his past finally getting out.

Isn’t there a part of you now that wants to see a crazy mash-up movie of these two shows? (Okay, it is probably one of those things that you believe you want until you actually see it happen.) Be sure to share your thoughts below! Also, take a look at the link here if you want to watch a new promo that actually shows off some “Suits” season 3 footage.

Photo: USA

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