‘Dexter’ season 8 spoilers: Exec doubts Julia Stiles return, we cry a little

DexterIf you are a “Dexter” fan, there is little doubt that you probably have some sort of extremely clear opinion as to who was the right woman for Dexter over the course of the show’s run. We know that there are some Rita purists out there, even though he lied to her for pretty much for the full extent of his marriage to her. Then, there are the Lila fans, the Hannah supporters, and, of course, the Lumenites. (Yes, we did just coin that term.)

While we have always found it problematic to say that someone who kills people to fulfill a need is probably not the right person to ever find love, we’ve been Team Lumen for some time, and have always felt as though her importance in Dexter’s past as his first real love has been greatly diminished after the fact. Maybe producers are burying Lumen because of the untrue rumors of Michael C. Hall and Julia Stiles having an on set romance? We find it interesting that no one seems to recall that Dexter was actually able to be honest with her about who he was long before Hannah ever came around, and the two genuinely seemed to love each other before Lumen’s need was fulfilled and she abruptly left. This is why the following quote from executive producer Scott Buck (per Entertainment Weekly) is troublesome:

“For Dexter, [Hannah] was his first adult relationship, his first time feeling real love in an honest way because he was able to be himself with her. I don’t think he’s been able to get over her and she hasn’t gotten over him. But after what they each did to each other, can they get beyond that? They are two killers, can they ever fully trust each other? That’s the question.”

We already know that Yvonne Strahovski will be back for multiple episodes this coming season. As for Lumen, it doesn’t look likely that we are going to be seeing Julia Stiles at all per Buck’s own words:

“You don’t want to become too gimmicky and keep pulling characters out of the past … I don’t think we’ll be seeing Lumen.”

While we understand the argument here, Lumen is one of the biggest loose ends out there, and there was a certain poetry to their collective quest for vengeance. Not everyone may be the biggest fan of the character, but we will probably never understand the decision to so boldly neglect the character even in the show’s final season … but this is just the opinion of one critic who found season 5 sorely underrated, save for the final few minutes that “Mass Effect 3” must have borrowed from when it came to “how to abruptly end an interesting story when there’s no reason to at all.”

Does the idea of no Lumen make you happy, sad, or completely indifferent? If you want to read more news in regards to the upcoming “Dexter” Big Bad, all you have to do is click here.

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