‘Downton Abbey’ season 4 notes: Dan Stevens, Graham Norton, Hugh Bonneville

Dan StevensIf Dan Stevens really thought that he was going to be able to move forward rather quickly following his time on “Downton Abbey,” he is definitely realizing that this is not entirely possible. Do we imagine that viewers will eventually get over what happened to his character of Matthew during the season 3 Christmas special? Sure, but it is probably not going to be until season 4 officially starts up in the early fall.

Stevens made an appearance earlier this week on Graham Norton’s late-night chat show, and what transpired was really a hilarious exchange regarding Matthew no longer being on the show. Norton gathered what were Twitter messages (even if some of them seemed to be pushing the 140-character threshold) of various people who were not entirely pleased with everything that transpired on the show. What did we learn from this? Basically, that people are really into this show on an almost-unhealthy level.

With that being said, there was a sort of sadistic humor in watching Stevens cringe while being told about how angry some people got over a fictional character leaving a show.

In other “Downton Abbey”-related news, TheWrap is reporting that series star Hugh Bonneville, who has yet to be killed off on the show, is in talks to star in an upcoming feature film adaptation of “Paddington Bear.” As for his character, the only details that are available are that Bonneville’s character would be named Henry, and he would be the head of a new family in which the famous bear calls home. See… it is possible to star in “Downton Abbey” and still have time for other projects as well.

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Photo: ITV

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