‘True Blood’ season 6 spoilers: Some much-needed Pam / Tara scoop

True BloodThere’s nothing more intriguing then finding out that a “True Blood” pairing exists that no one ever really considered as a possibility during some of the early seasons, and that is what happened when it comes to Pam and Tara. While the latter’s interest in women came completely out of left field following Sookie’s return from her fairy time capsule, we’ve known about Pam for quite a while. Although the two spent most of their time at the end of season 6 working to build up the simple progeny relationship, it became something more during the finale.

So are we now going to see a full-fledged relationship forming? Not so fast! This is “True Blood,” and as you certainly know courtesy of watching this show after all of these years, things have a tendency to change rather quickly. According to TV Guide, there are really two events coming up in the early stages of the new season (premiering a week from Sunday) that will help to shape and cultivate the future of this couple:

1. Pam starts to finally learn the full extent of the relationship between Eric and his vampire “sister” in Nora (which definitely is weird, considering the word that we just used).

2. Tara becomes the first victim of a weapon that police have designed in order to take out vampires at a much faster rate than they previously thought possible. Just know that this is much more dangerous than any ordinary wooden bullet.

Hopefully, we’ll know a few episodes in here just what the future will hold for these two. June 16 is not that far away, and there are plenty of interesting stories worth telling.

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Photo: HBO

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