‘Mad Men’ season 6 spoilers: Kevin Rahm on ‘who is Bob Benson?’ issue and more

Mad MenIf there are two questions that are currently driving “Mad Men” fans up the wall, it is the following: Is Megan Draper going to die, and who is the world is Bob Benson? We’ve already done quite a few articles already on the former, so now seems like the right time to tackle the latter. Bob Benson is an international man of mystery, made even more challenging by the fact that he is a nice guy (or so he seems).

So what are the big theories out there about the man? We’ve heard that he is a government employee looking into Don, that he is some sort of secret spy, or that he is some sort of psychopath out to murder innocent women. So does Kevin Rahm have an opinion on it? Sure, but he is not willing to share what they are. Speaking in an interview with TVLine, the actor behind Ted explained that he and the other actors had plenty of debates about Bob throughout the filming process; in addition to that, he also talked a bit about this story alongside Ted’s relationship with Peggy:

“I can say nothing on either. But I can say, as a fan of the show, I think everyone will be pleased when they find out what happens with Peggy and Chaough and who the hell is Bob Benson.”

Will Ted stick around beyond season 6? We hope so, since he is a rather fine addition to the cast, given that he presents a different sort of rival to Don Draper within the newly-minted SC&P … someone who actually thinks logically in business, and does not have an interest in smoking up the place or getting drunk on the job.

Jessica Pare has also recently weighed in on some of the crazy Megan Draper chatter, and you can read her full take on the matter over at the link here.

Photo: AMC

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