‘Hawaii Five-0’ season 4 spoilers: First look at the premiere script

Hawaii Five-0Even though “Hawaii Five-0,” like the majority of other fall series, will not be filming for at least another month, isn’t it always nice to get a few details a little bit early? We like to think so, and this is where the origins of this story come from.

In a new post on his official Twitter account, the show’s creator in Peter M. Lenkov chose to give a brief tease when it comes to the script for the upcoming season premiere. Is there really anything substantial here to go on at all? Not really, but isn’t it still nice to see that the writing process is already very much underway.

Lenkov likely realizes just how extensive a job he has with the rest of his team in composing a new season of episodes, especially with all of the challenges that lie before him. For example, we are looking at a major move for the show from Monday to Friday, and this typically means that there is trouble keeping those younger viewers around. You also are entering a time in your show’s run where things do have a tendency to become a little bit more challenging from a storytelling perspective. You have already done so much within the span of over 60 episodes, so how much more is there for you to really do that will actually surprise people? Hawaii is a pretty small state, after all, and there are only so many different ideas in theory that you can put onto paper.

What do you think about the “Hawaii Five-0” move, and are you stoked already for the new season? If you want to see where all of CBS’ series are going to lie in the new year, be sure to check out the full schedule at this link.

Photo: Twitter / Peter M. Lenkov

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