The Mole season 2 episode 9 preview: Who is the Mole?

The Mole season 2
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It is probably not much of a surprise, but there is a big cliffhanger leading into The Mole season 2 episode 9. What will Hannah do with the $20,000? Is she really about to engage in some Mole-like behavior?

Admittedly, a good part of the fun of this season has been seeing just how terrible a lot of the cast members have been at earning money. There is trying to throw suspicion on yourself, and then there is making it so that you actually don’t win that much come the finale. If Hannah does accept the $20K, she could get the Pot up into six figures for the first time all season.

What are the other options? Well, she could deny the money and look under the other containers for a chance at either an Exemption or a Correction — but this is where that gets tricky. Given that one container is already open, there are only four that remain. She has a 50% chance of getting something that could benefit her in the next quiz, but also a 25% chance of getting Game Over. The other 25% is drawing $10,000, but if you’re going to turn down twice that much money, you’ll keep going.

This is a huge risk for her to take, given that she could leave with no money or Exemption. Honestly, her decision may come down to factors that are impossible to know on the outside looking in, including just how confident she is about who the Mole really is — provided it’s not her. If she’s been targeting an individual person the past two quizzes and she’s stayed safe, then you can argue that she doesn’t need the Exemption that much. Personally, we’d go for the money at this point.

Who is the Mole?

There are two episodes remaining that will air on July 12, and following a Double Elimination, we will have the final four. Everything from here on out is guesswork.

Mole Prediction – We’re going with Ryan. She has had multiple instances of sabotage this season, but they’ve been subtle. The “Big Ben statue” is the most overt one! She’s been rather lucky if she is the Mole; after all, so many other people have done big sabotages that it doesn’t seem like she’s had to do much. We really don’t think the Mole is Muna and at this point, Michael feels too obvious.

Winner Prediction – Sean. He seems fine with taking risks, and it wouldn’t shock us if he’s been piecing things together the past couple of weeks. If it’s not him, then Hannah is a good choice. Like we said, if she takes the $20K, it’s because she already knows who the Mole is and she’s just trying to bank a ton of money before the end.

What do you want to see through the final episodes of The Mole season 2?

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