Evil season 4 episode 8: Can Sheryl change Timothy’s future?

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As you prepare to see Evil season 4 episode 8 on Paramount+ next week, you probably recognize that the series is all sorts of messy and chaotic right now. Also, this is precisely what the showrunners want.

After all, think about that shocking and/or demonic end to episode 7, or the fact that Ben is losing huge chunks of time and has no idea what is going on. (Also, it is at the point of completely wrecking his personal life.) Kristen is still struggling with Andy so far away, and then you have Sheryl in full-on vengeance mode when it comes to Leland. She’s already taken out some of her frustration on him, but she’s got another plan as well … one that could end up allowing her to do whatever she can in order to change Timothy’s future.

Want to learn more about what is ahead here? Then go ahead and check out the full Evil season 4 episode 8 synopsis below:

David stumbles into the life of a man planning murder-suicide and the team rush to find him; Sheryl executes her plan to stop baby Timothy from becoming the Antichrist.

At the moment, we really view this particular story as one that is about a pretty darn curious question: Is changing fate possible? Is that something to strive for? It’s a hard thing to grasp, but with the latter question it certainly feels like the answer is “yes.” Then again, that is predicated on the notion that we’re supposed to think that Timothy actually will be the Antichrist if Sheryl doesn’t intervene. From the get-go this series really did love to dive into these questions of science versus faith and as of right now, it feels like they have no real desire to back away from that at all.

We’re now officially at the halfway point of this final season; doesn’t it feel to anyone else like things are going to get increasingly insane from here?

What do you most want to see moving into Evil season 4 episode 8?

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