‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 4 spoilers: Lucy Hale talks exploration of single Aria

Lucy HaleFor those of you who are fervent Aria / Ezra shippers, the start of “Pretty Little Liars” season 4 is going to be like an extended brain freeze. Why? Not only are the fan favorite couple not going to be together, but it could be a while before they are, at least based on what Lucy Hale is teasing about the story ahead for her character.

In a new chat with “Entertainment Tonight,” the actress said that after three years of basically falling for Ezra, dealing with his drama, and then learning that he has a secret child that he suddenly has to take care of, she now has an opportunity to really explore what it is like to be both young and single, even while still thinking that they will get back together at some point down the road:

“My personal opinion is a reunion is inevitable, but Aria does her own thing this season. She’s dating, she’s meeting new people, she falls for a new guy and that’s good — I think she needs to live a little. Aria’s too young to be tied down. But I play scenes with the new guy that Ezra is always in the back of her mind.”

Hale also reveals in the interview that when it comes to the question as to whether or not Alison is actually still alive, Aria is really one of the few that holds firm in thinking that the character is dead, and will not be coming back anytime soon:

“Aria thinks they’re all crazy. Ali’s dead. She knows Ali’s dead. So she’s trying to keep the girls grounded, basically telling them, ‘You’re insane!’ Out of all the girls, she’s the only one who thinks this. Emily and Hanna firmly believe Ali’s alive and as the season goes on, Aria’s eyes open more to certain things.”

We’ll have a little bit more scoop on what’s coming up for Tuesday’s season premiere soon, so stay tuned. For now, all we have to say is to share your thoughts on Aria’s personal life below, and click here if you want to read some more scoop regarding Emily’s future.

Photo: ABC Family

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