‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 10 debate: Should Kate Walsh return?

Grey's AnatomyAs we’ve said for the past couple of weeks, Thursdays are officially going to be “Grey’s Anatomy” debate days for the rest of the summer. Every week around this time, we’ll be back with another story as a means of helping to get you through what is a long, tiresome summer without the Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital around. (For whatever reason, Thursdays have felt like even quieter days than usual the past few weeks.)

This debate is really pretty self-explanatory, and the title above says it all. Should Addison make another visit to the show before things come to a close? If this does turn out to be the final season, we assume that this debate will rage even louder, given that there will be a sudden amount of pressure to see where so many departed characters are so many years later.

The case for more Kate – Addison’s story is a unique one, since there is probably a deeper attachment to her than almost any other character. After all, she had six full years of “Private Practice” storytelling to set up her future, in addition to what she had here. Her character finally had something resembling a happy ending with Jake, and we’re sure that everyone wants to see if that ending stuck, or if she is back at square one again.

Another contributing factor here? We all know already that Kate Walsh wants to stop by, at least so long as Shonda Rhimes has a story for her to tell in the future.

The case for no more Kate – The easy answer is that she already had “Private Practice” end, and she has a happy ending that does not justify being brought back here. Why spoil what was a great ending for Addison? If fans really wanted closure to her character, they should have just watched that show.

You also have to wonder if there is even a reason now to bring her back to Seattle at this point, and this is something that we’re sure Rhimes will ask whenever she does get to her final season.  (We’re still waiting for the “we want Izzie” chants to begin at some point.)

What’s your take? The point of these articles is to hear from you, so be sure to vote in the poll below, and take a look at another one of our debates concerning Meredith’s family here.

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