‘True Blood’ season 6: Alexander Skarsgard gets awkward, hilarious on ‘Conan’

Alexander SkarsgardWith the season 6 premiere of “True Blood” coming up a week from Sunday, the promotional tour is already beginning for some of the series’ stars, including a certain man in Alexander Skarsgard who you may otherwise know for his role as Eric Northman.

The actor made an appearance on Conan O’Brien’s TBS series this week, and while he did not really have too much to offer up when it came to spoilers on the show, he still managed to make the entire interview hilarious just by talking about a subject that has followed his career thus far: Taking off his clothes. This is something that many in Sweden are much more comfortable with than in America, though he also tried to make the distinction that people are not running around in the buff with polar bears in his home country, either.

The real turn of the interview into something hysterical came when Skarsgard told Conan about growing up with his famous father, who would often walk around the house, letting almost everything hang out in the process. This ended up causing many women that he would bring home to be absolutely scared away, and he eventually had to have a conversation with the man about it.

Skarsgard’s character is going to be in some pretty big trouble when “True Blood” picks back up, but not of the kind that is going to make him run around shirtless. Instead, he has a Lilith-infused Bill Compton on the loose, and a Louisiana Governor (played by Arliss Howard) who desperately wants to enact revenge on vampires for ruining his personal life.

Want to read more “True Blood” craziness? The link here should do the trick, as it contains scoop on all sorts of new characters that you can expect to see on the show.

Photo: HBO

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