Is Mallory Bechtel leaving Pretty Little Liars: Summer School, Kelly?

Pretty Little Liars: Summer School
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Is Mallory Bechtel leaving Pretty Little Liars: Summer School following the events of this week’s episode? Is Kelly dead?

Well, at this point, it does feel easy to assume that we have seen the end of the road for this character, and for one simple reason: How she was found by Faran! She was face-down and floating within the water following what seems to be a face-off with Bloody Rose. Sure, it does make some sense that a notable character would be targeted over the course of the season, but to have this happen now? Well, it would represent a key shake-up, especially since one of the things that was tricky about the original PLL was the immense amount of plot armor that surrounded Aria, Emily, Spencer, and Hannah at all times.

Now that we have said all of this, let’s go ahead and issue a reminder here that at this point, it actually feels rather silly to be confident that this character is actually a goner. After all, it would not really be that crazy in the event that Kelly somehow survives this, even if it feels utterly impossible right now. This show is known for its twists, and her making it out alive could do wonders for actually resolving the chief mystery at the heart of the story.

Anything is still possible and with that, let’s just hope that there is an opportunity moving forward to see a few different twists and turns. Also, there is still a chance that some sort of absolutely-insane cliffhanger could emerge out of all this. On paper, it feels like the idea of such an ending would be rather risky since there is no guarantee of more; yet, since when has this franchise actually worked in order to steer clear of risks? It is one of the things that they do best!

What did you think about the events of Pretty Little Liars: Summer School episode 7?

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